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Counter-Strike Strategy Guide: Weapons

Striking Down with Furious Rage

By now you’ll have loaded up an M4A1 Carbine, shrieked at your monitor when “[DOA]Murphy” shot you through a wall, and had your sexual persuasion questioned by numerous scrubs who spend more time bitching than playing. You’ll have gnawed your fist down to the bone as the newbie terrorist waved C4 around frantically instead of planting it, dismantled the radio immediately in “cs_italy”, and accidentally shot a friend in the head at your starting point when you thought friend fire was off.

Welcome to the world of Counterstrike. If you’ve experienced more than one of these magical moments, this guide is for you. You’ll find basic weapon information, numerous tactics you can employ to increase your team’s chances of victory, and a detailed look at eight of the most popular Counterstrike levels around. So what are you waiting for? “Go Go Go!”

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1up recently posted this funny video article about the awkward moments that occured through out the Metal Gear series. Note that to fully appreciate the humor, some knowledge of the game is helpful.

FPS are undoubtedly one of the most popular genre in the areas of gaming, if not THE most popular game, and in this list I will explore 10 mind blowing games on the Windows System.

Please be mindful that most of these games were released fairly recently, with a few exceptions. Always check the system requirements, and update your PC hardware if you have some money to spare. It will be worth it, especially for the following awesome games.

Half Life 2

Half-Life 2A group of Antlions attacking GordonLost Coast's menu backdrop, showing St. Olga and its monastery.Navigating through the canals on the air boat, Gordon comes under attack from a Combine hunter-chopper

Half Life 2, released in 2004, was highly anticipated, especially because the original half life was universally acclaimed by many critics. Half Life 2 certainly lived up to its hype, with its stunning graphics and gameplay. The story continues from Half Life, featuring solid campaign with great visuals and audio. I was never a fan of puzzle, but Half Life 2 weaves some puzzle and brain teaser that were enjoyable at times. Of Course, how can I talk about Half Life 2 without mentioning the gravity gun? The game is worth getting just to play around with it. The game does have some flaws, one of them being its weak story (in my opinion). Also the random loading screen can ruin the moment sometimes. Play the game nonetheless, because it is one of the best shooters ever made.

If you play Half Life 2, and can’t get enough of it, check out Episode 1 and Episode 2, (Pretty

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I just saw the video posted on Wegame, which showed idiotic attacks on video game industry and its violence. May I just say that if you have a brain and is a gamer, you can probably deduce most of these media attack to be solely for the purpose generating money and views, instead of genuinely wanting to help the society.

Phoenix Wright, framed

I know that Fox news is a source of study for some parents, but please, any gamer will know that these 10 points made here are bullshit.

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Dear Nintendo…

My first post here on Negative Gamers and my first victim will be… (drum roll please) NINTENDO.

Let me get something straight first. Nintendo…I love you. You were my childhood hero, and I don’t hate you anymore than I hate Sony and Microsoft. In fact, I think you are superior to them in many ways, especially in of sales and profits. But, you do need to make some changes, because you are screwing gamers like me, who crave for more violent games with more matured content. I don’t want another fucking Mario game, so please take this article into consideration.

I’m sure there are technical difficulties such as Wii’s hardware flaw or profit issues with these games because I understand that the Wii wants to be a family system. But enough is enough. I want to see some fucking mind blowing, revolutionary, and most importantly gory game from Nintendo and that has not occurred yet.

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